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How to Submit Notes

Banknote Certification Service Ltd. welcomes you to send your notes to us to have them graded by our experienced staff. We have two ways in which you can send us your notes. You can send us your notes by mail, or drop them off in person. We just ask that you first complete the Note Submission Form which you can download, print, then complete and send with your notes either by mail or in person to our store in Kitchener, ON.


Download our "Note Submission Form"

Click here to download our note submission form where you can send up to 50 notes at one time. We have our pricing structure layed out on our form to help you estimate your cost.

Download Submission FormClick here to download our submission form.
or view our Pricing Structure by clicking here.


Send your notes to us by "Mail" or "In Person"

There are two ways you can send us your notes for us to grade for you. You can either send them by mail along with your completed Submission Form or you can drop them off in person with your completed submission form. Either way we look forward to grading your notes.

If you are planning on dropping off your notes in person and require directions please click here.


Same Day Service

In a hurry to get your notes certified?

Weary of sending them through the mail?

Well, here at BCS we offer a solution. Same day service is available with an appointment. You can have your notes certified while you wait Simply call ahead to schedule an appointment. It takes roughly one hour to certify 10 notes with a maximum per day submission of 100 notes.

Same day service is not available in conjunction with any other offer. All normal conditions apply. See the submission form for details.

If you are planning on dropping off your notes in person and require directions please click here.


Preview Service

Only interested in certifying the best of the best?

Have a cut off grade in mind for your pieces?

Here at BCS we understand and encourage the use of BCS to aid in the reselling of notes. Although, by design, we are a third party grader and hence have no vested interest in the outcome of the note, we do offer a service to aid in the preservation of mutually profitable relationships.

With our preview services, you can place your own restrictions on what notes get certified. Whether you only want to certify notes higher then a certain grade, or only notes that have Original paper quality, or any other restriction you wish, we can accommodate.

A BCS certification is an excellent way to maximise revenues upon reselling a note. With our previewing services, we have taken away much of the risk involved in investing in the certification of your inventory.

To take advantage of our preview service, simply call into our office at 519-579-4011 where one of our representatives will assist you.

The cost of a previewed note that did not meet the certification criteria as specified is $2.00. If certified, regular fees apply.

Please include payment of regular certification fee schedules with the submission. If required, a refund will be issued for the difference of the regular fee schedule and the adjusted preview fees. All other regular fees apply. Please see submission form for more details.”

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